Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Step 1 of 4 to conducting a successful employee satisfaction survey

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey is a powerful tool, used by employers to establish how engaged their employees are in their work. It will identify which processes work well and realize which areas need to be improved. Employee satisfaction surveys also help you to measure the success of your development efforts.

This four-step guide will help you in your work to create an employee satisfaction survey. In this post we go through the first step whitch involves planning and design.


Step 1: Questionnaire Planning & Design

Start your employee satisfaction survey by establishing your requirements. 
- What information is important to you? 
- What do you expect to find out by conducting this survey? 
- What kind of analysis are you interested in? 
Answering these questions will help you to ask the right questions in the questionnaire.

Design an appropriate questionnaire. Remember to use clear and positive statements with comprehensive wording and only ask one question per item. Avoid using leading questions and consider providing a neutral choice and/or an ”open” answer alternative after a list of possible answers, where possible

By making the employee survey every year you have the opportunity to compare results from year to year. Then you can ensure that the measures you implement actually lead to improved results.

"All businesses and organizations need to conduct employee satisfaction surveys so that employers meet their employees' needs and expectations. The results of the survey creates a platform that will help the employer to focus and prioritize on the right things. By working actively with the result and set key word for example, employee satisfaction, leadership and work environment makes it easy to follow improvements from year to year."  Maria Wärnström, Human Resource Managers, Webropol Sweden

The contents of this blog post are taken from our guide 'Guide to conducting employee satisfaction surveys' which is written by our HR experts. The guide will be released on our website in the fall.

Stay tuned for step 2!

Isabelle Edouart Palm
Webropol Sweden

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