Thursday, 2 July 2015

Step 2 of 4 to conducting a successful employee satisfaction survey

Step 2: Data Gathering

  • Keep the employee database updated. Make a list of all the employees that will participate in the survey and make sure that their personal information is valid and updated. This is an important factor for the response rate and the integrity of the group results.
  •  Think what will be better for your company: Conducting an anonymous or a named employee satisfaction survey?
  • Communicate the approaching survey throughout the company. Our experience shows that companies who communicate with their employees in advance and explain the purpose of the survey and significance of their contribution (via Intranet, personal emails, announcements in meetings etc.), achieve significantly higher response rates.
  • Develop a structured cover letter.

Be sure that you include information about

a)    how the survey should be answered

b)    how the results will be used

c)    the purpose and importance of the survey and

d)    how the respondent will benefit from completing the survey.

Also remember to mention the deadline for answering. Reminders can be sent out a week after the invitation.

The contents of this blog post are taken from our guide 'Guide to conducting employee satisfaction surveys' which is written by our HR experts. The guide will be released on our website in the fall.

Don't miss step 3 next week!

Isabelle Edouart Palm
Webropol Sweden

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