Friday, 26 February 2016

101 of Successful Customer Experience Design

During the years as a research director in a market research agency I worked on a daily basis with measuring and developing the customer experience of different brands and companies. Participating in more than a hundred business development projects, I learnt that there are certain key components to successful customer experience design. In this blog I have gathered the top 5 factors to pay extra much attention to when designing customer experience. 

5 Tips for Designing Great Customer Experiences

  1. Keep it simple. Firstly, make your service available and easy to buy with ready packages. Secondly, make it easy for the customer to get a successful customer experience. Remove all clutter and unneccessary choices and additions.
  2. Measure. If you are working with your eyes closed, you don’t know whether you are moving in the right or wrong direction.
  3. Give a little more than expected. Delight the customer with small unexpected surprises. Have a staff that is ready to go the extra mile to make the customer feel good.
  4. Be authentic. Base your concept on a unique story, which is manifested in the details included in the customer experience. This will create a soul to your brand and lift up the customer experience to the next level.
  5. Give good value for money. Develop efficient ways to produce what you are offering. Determine what is most important and relevant for your customers and focus on doing that more than well.

What is the best customer experience you have experienced? Comment below.

Annika Herrgård
Marketing Manager


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