Monday, 6 July 2015

Step 3 & 4 of how to conduct a successful employee satisfaction survey

Step 3: Analysis and Reporting

  • Analysis conducted properly will contribute to your action plan in a concrete and reliable manner. Make part indexes of the targeted question areas by creating a value of all questions that have measured the same area. Investigate which of these areas have the strongest impact on overall satisfaction at work. Also analyze the differences between departments within your organization.
  •  Report Professionally. According to common HR research practice it is recommendable to exclude groups smaller than 5 persons from the report to ensure respondent integrity. You may want to export the research results as charts to PowerPoint. Plan a clear report structure and also include a summary, conclusion and identify further steps to be taken.
  •  Organise meetings to present and discuss the results. Once you have the results it is beneficial to discuss the results internally at executive group level, organization wide level and team level so that you can begin creating action plans and implement improvement measures. 
  •  Share the survey results and findings with the participants. Show the employees how important their opinion is. Discuss the action plans and improvement measures with them, get them involved. This will increase employee engagement and will make them feel involved in the improvements.

Step 4: Further Measures 


Repeat the survey every year. This will help you follow the process of development and determine the success of your action plan.

If you want to observe trends over time do not change the wording of questions. You may delete or add questions from year to year but do not change the word­ing of common questions since this may lead to misinter­pretation of the questions and incomparable data.

The contents of this blog post are taken from our guide 'Guide to conducting employee satisfaction surveys' which is written by our HR experts. The guide will be released on our website in the fall.

Isabelle Edouart Palm
Webropol Sweden

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